About Us

The Fluid Project was created for you to re-awaken the inner creative child that slipped away as life got real. Our founders Allen and Fiona are both driven by connective experiences with the people around them and in their pursuit of fun and exciting memories, they discovered the power of creative experiences.  And thus The Fluid Project was born.

Welcome to the Fluid Project - where deeply connected experiences meet funky and creative activities. Every time you come back to The Fluid Project, you'll create something entirely different and unique. 

Our fluid bears, fluid bunnies (and other projects) are made out of high quality vinyl technology. And we use non-toxic hand-made pouring acrylic paint to help you get the best results.

So whether its a unique date idea, a stay-at-home date, family funday, corporate team bonding or a besties night out, we got you covered.

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